In 1996, the first XTERRA off-road triathlon was “born on the beach” in Maui. Today, XTERRA is the world´s leading premier multisport series with more than 300 events in nearly 30 countries. An extreme competition with a typical distance of 1.5k swim, 30k mountain bike and 10k trail run. XTERRA races attract elite endurance athletes as well as amateurs competing in the same race. Courses are designed to have top pros finishing in roughly two an a half hours. Generally the swim comprises 10% of the total time it takes to finish the race, the mountain bike 65%, and the run 25%. Age group Athletes can qualify for the XTERRA World Championship on Maui / Hawaii during the month of October. There are 40 slots awarded at each National XTERRA Championship.


A typical XTERRA weekend is being organized as an active outdoor multipsort event which offers next to the XTERRA OFFROAD TRIATHLON as well side events like XTERRA Lite, X-Trail Runs, X-MTB races, or X-Swim-Cross competitions for all ages who want to join the community of multisport, regarding camaraderie, adventure and a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. The XTERRA Motto is “Live More”, and encourages athletes to get out, travel and explore, meet new people, and stay active with sport.

Swim, Bike, Run and again.